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About Us

Thank you for visiting our site! Chosen People Connect is a free membership site developed to assist Biblical Christians in connecting with like-minded individuals and for those who desire to learn about adhering to the biblical principles of righteousness by keeping the Ten Commandments (Royal Law), Feast Days, Dietary Law and Sabbaths. Four membership options are available. The Friendship/PenPal option is for those interested in establishing life-long friendships, regardless of location. The Business Partnership option is for those who'd like to advertise their business, skill or talent or to establish a business partnership. The Activities option is to assist group collaboration for outreach ministry, sports activities, travel, etc. The Dating/Marriage option is for singles of the opposite gender to be matched for marriage. You'll find that meeting online can be an exciting and rewarding experience!

*  The Israel of God is not affiliated with this site. Links to bible studies are for learning purposes only.

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